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Refel's Story

Refel is a poet, short story writer, and musician. You will be able to view his poetry here. He plans to publish some short story work shortly. Working from Shadow R Ranch, Refel manages and maintains a commercial cattle business and working ranch. He first started cattle ranching in 2007.


Refel Rushing is also at work creating an album of adult music.  Mr. Rushing has recorded his compositions in Los Angeles and Atlanta studios. He is currently at work on finalizing his album project with his conductor and arranger Jay Hinson. In addition, he will soon be releasing his first single song with a Christian theme. Refel Rushing hopes to promote this work within the religious community across the United States. He will be offering it free of charge to a variety of churches and using any publishing revenues to aid charities such as food pantries and centers that assist people experiencing homelessness.