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Gifts and Seasons
Gifts and SeasonsRefel Rushing
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Make reminders to yourself

that in all of life

there are seasons,

a time of happiness

and heartache

often void of explanations

or reasons.


Be careful not to wish away

the present, enjoy today,

remembering that even in bad

there is good, but in good

there is moderation;

your accountability

rests with a life lived

without compromise or need

of exoneration.


Decisions will undoubtedly

pass your way,

bringing tears and feelings

of despair 

use as your measure

the effect of five years from today,

remembering that answers

are revealed in prayer.


There is much

I would like to tell you

about pain and personal treasures,

but my concern would only rob you

from discovering life’s

abundant and unexpected pleasures.


But if wisdom is a gift

to those who understand its value

and the years it takes to arrive,

because I care about you and understand,

I will share with you

all of my possessions

for as long as I am alive.

-Refel Rushing©-

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