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A Wise Friend
A Wise FriendRefel Rushing
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Much have I learned

from one wiser than me,

a powerful man

who has the respect

of all who know him

because his motto has

always been integrity.


He has succeeded

when others have failed,

and he has accomplished more

than the average man —

ideas and innovations

are his second nature;

perhaps it’s his faith

or maybe his belief

in a divine plan.


Rough and tough

he might sometimes

have you believe,

but finding a kinder,

more generous man

may be an impossible task

to achieve.


We have not always

seen eye to eye

and I doubt

if we ever will,

but when times get tough

he’s a friend

offering encouragement,

telling me he knows

just how I feel.


He represents strength,


and all I would hope to be —

how lucky I feel

to have a friend

who is willing to share

his wisdom

and his identity.

-Refel Rushing©-

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