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Idle Minds
Idle MindsRefel Rushing
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A train without a track

is in motion,

but non-moving and still,

a plan without direction

has no execution

when the planner has lost

his will.


A ship without a sail

is afloat

but with no course,

a man without conviction

is alive

but only by natural force.


The spirit must at times

take leave of the body

and rest,

but mortal man with mortal minds

views such an escape as failure

unable to meet the test.


For one brief moment

all things revolving in unison

suspend in open air;

the seconds are like hours

with thoughts of lost momentum

and how such idleness

seems so unfair.


As the mind sleeps

suddenly undetected is movement

as the spirit rejoins its master,

the future which seemed bright before

seems brighter now —

how thankful I am for idle moments

which protect against future disasters.

-Refel Rushing©-

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