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Personal Defeat
Personal DefeatsRefel Rushing
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Center stage all of you

who have a part to play,

as it’s time to start your travel;

we are the judge and jury

and all performances begin and end

with the sound of our gavel.


We are not critical

of what you say

or how you say it;

actions are our concern 

your motives and intents

will decide the verdict.


Living is nothing more

than remembrances of yesterday

and anticipations of tomorrow;

in between are lessons in humility 

better this

than unrealistic grandeur

which often leads to sorrow.


We see good in what you do,

and we understand your defeats

and why you may feel a bit wilty,

but we are life and we know

you are only human

and for this 

we find you not guilty.

-Refel Rushing©-

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