In Answers There Are Butterflies 

in answers there are butterflies.png

A fairyland of wonder 

surely must be the thoughts of the butterfly 

as it flutters to freedom from its cocoon, 

conscious wings of instant energy

 count the strokes from beginning to end

 as one follows the other very soon.


The heavens provide the space for the winged tapestry

to glide and to soar, 

occasionally stopping to rest upon a petal — 

and after a blink or two,

 it’s off again to explore.


During the season

all the riches of the world had been touched

from north, south, east, and west,

and with the journey ended 

the keeper of all things beautiful

laid the floating flower to rest.


The butterfly 

did not appear to be a seeker of life’s answers

 nor did it waste God’s gift of time — 

unlike man, it knew 

the importance of living without searching — 

such a riddle should certainly be put to rhyme. 


Refel Rushing