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In Judgement
InjugmentRefel Rushing
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Spoon you in and spoon you out

The big dipper

As a ladle

When first you begin-

The confines of a cradle

And I

After the feast (of a lifetime)

A last chance

For applause

For deeds

In earthly cause

To the preserved

Or lost in time


By parts rhyme

Hearing the list once

Maybe twice

Some remark with no remark

At all

Others, very nice

Hearing the verdict


Last walk

With bread and basket


Departing thought

With flesh

In casket-

If but for time

And knowing how short

Perhaps a better report

To judge and jury

Of life's court

A moral

To all who have been ladled

Never to escape

The test.-

Remember time

Never take only give

The best

On this case, you can

Forever rest.

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