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Hera's Haven

Hera's Haven
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From its humble beginnings as a piece of idle dirt with only a past. It definitely has been transformed
into a living, breathing thing of beauty with a future, a soul, and a heart.

Its purpose is to serve as the stage for the great union and the story of the ring--the miracle circle, that binds two in foreverness, witnessed by others, and recorded
in the book of promises one to another.

Where prayers are spoken, memories are born and not forgotten easily. Where family and friends join together
in communion to bless and shower with heartfelt wishes
of happiness reaching the heavens.

A place where those in attendance witness the transformation that was once two and is now one. All beginning at the place that was an idle piece of dirt
touched by God‘s hand to become a sacred and special place
of dedication and commitment.

Hera’s Haven, the start of the journey of love that has only new beginnings and no end.

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