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The Reality of Love

The Reality of Love
A Chance.PNG

If I were to take a chance
and cast my lot
loosely upon the sea,
hopelessly and forever lost,
would you be there
without question to rescue me?

If I were of sad spirit,
wanting only to be alone
and momentarily free,
could you say yes
while not asking
why my thoughts were only of me?

If I were to envision a sparkle
and venture to fly
beyond man’s untraveled sky,
win or lose would you be there —
but more importantly,
not asking why?

If I were to silently sit
gazing in your eyes — consuming your love
if but for only an hourglass season,
could you accept openly
with no questions
of my purpose or reason?

Oh, how I love you for never
a question asked
and for feeling
that what we have is true and not a sham,
and in return with your happiness as my plan,
I will try to be to you
all the things you dream I am.

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