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Who Am I
Who Am IRefel Rushing
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Who Am I?


Who am I, where am I – better yet, is there no one who can tell me where I am going?

All questions from yesterday designed only to keep me from the truth,

to keep me from truly knowing. 


As the sun arose this morning, so did I with new life, answers to long-sought questions, and a second chance for a new birth –

the warm and gentle yellow rays of the heavens’ silent voices announced my future, 

but more importantly announced my new self-worth. 


For the first time, I knew that all the unique gifts I have been given were given only to me,

some of which I must share,

for to do any less would forever keep my soul less than free.


There is much I have to offer that perhaps only one in a crowd of many

have the inner vision to see,

but should wisdom recognize their things hidden deep within, I will give all,

but more importantly, I will give me.


Yesterdays are nothing more than gifts of the past given by the one who gives life,

often touched by pain, happiness, and sorrow,

the joy in facing the future is knowing that through the best and worst of times,

you and I will forever be friends and together share each today and each tomorrow.

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