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Awake and Run

Awake and Run

Written and Read by Refel Rushing

The hands of time are as sure moving as the tides which ebb the shores,

prophecy is at hand, the time has come –

from this day forward nothing will be closed to you except the limit of your mind's own doors.

Much time has been needed to prepare you for what lies ahead,

the preparation is complete, your intuition and conscience must be your guide –

from these gifts you always will be led.

There are divisions in your mind of actuality versus a hidden desire,

frustrations and conflicts are imminent and common to those who dream to aspire.

Ask not the outcome, for the voice of answers is silent and steadfast,

a hint of the future lies in your reception of the past.

Awake and run – a moment lost would be a disgrace,

your mold is individual, your purpose is unique –

for I know – I am history and I have seen your contributions to the human race.


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