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The hand is in the heart of man working with stone;

as he works in silence and often alone.

In his eye he sees, crafts and chisels beauty where none was before;

he labors with the stone to reveal and release internal form and beauty with fingers that only number to four.

And when his hands rest, blessings and gifts flow to fill the creators's cup and all that see, to the brim;

like the mason, God uses the imperfections of man to chisel a new being in His image with a heart ready and open to love and accept HIM.

A note:

Submitting to God’s

masonry chisel may be the most important act that one may ever take in life. For we are all imperfect and are in need of His loving and forgiving divine chisel.

-Refel Rushung-


Juan (featured picture above), is the stone mason working at Hera's Haven Venue. He did not know I took this photo. I took it while he was showing me something on his phone. I sit and marvel at his hand and the hard labor and time it took to look that way.

The simple poem above is in recognition of his skill and craft despite the missing finger. He took something that was imperfect and made with it something that was once ragged stone, perfect.

God uses our own imperfection to make us more perfect with his chisel according to his design and purposes. I think of God’s labor of love with us and what his hands must look like after laboring so long on us with his chisel.

I hope this makes sense to you. Like so many things I write, I do not think about it too long before my fingers start to move on the keypad.

Thanks for reading.

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