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Finger-prints left here and there across a life time. First in the beginning and then in the end. Recognizable and familiar often marked first as a dream, vision or action later morphing into form and structure. Some finger prints are hard to erase remaining for an eternity while others are not visible at all after waves of time leave not the slightest creation, acts for the betterment of mankind, or any other bit of evidence for the writers of legacies to pen. Finger-prints left for all to see happen not by accident, but rather by a desire to leave no doubt we walk this earth only for a short while with a purpose and a destiny fulfilled. Without fingers there would be no finger prints and proof that one walked on this earth with a heart, a mind, and eyes to see our purpose all ordained in a plan when the words were spoken, “let there be life” and spiritual winds were blown into our existence. A culmination of a life time of finger-prints is the dash between the two dates on the marker laid at the final place of rest. A dash representing accidental, coincidental, or random events, I think not.

A finger-print dash is worthy of pondering.

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