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Conjoined Soul Mates

Conjoined soul mates share mutual life-giving and sustaining heartbeats. When nerves are severed the senses no longer operate as one. The heart and mind become separated leaving the heart defenseless and unprotected against the influencer of questionable conceived desires. The rhythms of mind messages to the heart are interrupted by cross current winds leading to possible unintended consequences invisible to the eye of the heart. When separated, by a mirage of possible thoughts of a better life with another soul mate, a separation occurs as the gamble dart is heaved at an unknown target. Like a summer mirage on hot payment, one sees it and suddenly it disappears into nothingness.

Suddenly, the severed soul begins to die and lives for a season in a state of temporary death. The other lives in a state of future unknowns, possible loneliness of heart always searching, but perhaps never finding that perfect union again despite being with another. This is all unknowable and has a fading effect on the severed soul in a state of transition. There is no room in the transitioning heart for malice or unforgiveness of the former tethered soul. With a forgiving heart, the transition is complete.

The now free soul, once severed and temporarily dead, rises higher and higher meeting another free spirit with a pure heart and an open mind in the upper winds of peace and tranquility. And there the recreated and now re-rebirthed soul, will become a wonderful and perfect best ending to another’s life story. The “love over time” continues

-Refel Rushing-

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