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Winter of 2022

The fury of the winter roars no more. All that remains are storm voice whimpers of coming audible signs of relief.

The battle won, the face of the wintery storm can now only be seen as a shadow of itself

with no energy left to fight on.

The Arctic winds cease to blow and when God smiles it makes the sun rise on a new day, the temps begin to climb and the low land animals, and the birds of the air, bask in the warmer breezes and temperatures. The ice in the ponds and stock tanks surrender its grip and the thaw begins until next time. The frigid world returns to normal and all seems right and good.

A Norman Rockwell winter picture kind of day can be seen in the heavens which does not guarantee that the surreal savages of winter will not return again.. just not on this Christmas Day in 2022.

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