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A Tribute To Jerry Richey

A Tribute to Jerry Richey

Aug 5th 1954 - Sep 18th 2022

Jerry built his first Shadow R Ranch structure in 2009 and has been the chief designer and builder of every structure built at the Shadow R Ranch since that date. Jerry completed his last structure in 2021 which was a Chapel at the site of the Hera's Haven wedding and event center located on the greenway adjacent to the off the grid Cabin and Lodge.

Shadow R Ranch will be eternally grateful to Jerry for his commitment, dedication and unique building skills all of which has made the Ranch a very special and memorable place located in Ellis County.

Jerry was a many-faceted man. He was a visionary and definitely had the ability to think in pictures when it came to design and project construction. He was a wonderful communicator of his thoughts and was in no need of blueprints when it came to building projects. He had many years of broad work experience and an abundance of God-given raw talent. His many completed projects over many years are a testament to these facts.

Jerry loved all animals, but particularly loved dogs. He was no ordinary man when it came to dogs. He was a dog whisperer.

Dogs knew his heart instantly when first meeting him. They instinctively knew he was kind and would never hurt or abuse them. He instantly established a special bond with them and they were with him. He would meet an untrusting dog and within minutes the dog would be licking his hand and begging to feel his hand stroking their head. It was a sight to behold

Jerry loved to tell stories while sitting around a fire pit or smoker smoking meat, Jerry style, with his favorite combination of spices. Of course, he loved to tell stories just about anytime there was an opportunity, and a willing listener. He was as good as the best at wood-smoking meats of different descriptions and telling interesting and funny stories all in the same breath.

He loved to find treasures and pluck them off a vendor's table at Canton’s First Monday before the guy next to him knew that the treasure he was admiring was now in the hands of the smiling Jerry walking gleefully away and disappearing in the crowds. Once a treasure was found, he loved to play show and tell. His treasures were worthy of a show and tell moment or two.

Jerry’s passion was to be in the forest among and with his trees. That was where he felt very comfortable. He was a master at using his chain saw and downing a special tree that would be converted into a beautiful piece of furniture or a unique kind of structure.

He loved to laugh big and his boisterous laughter was recognizable by those who knew him. People liked Jerry instantly as it was easy to tell that he was authentic, a one-of-a-kind personality, and was the real McCoy.

Many had their own personal experience with Jerry. All those would no doubt say he was a wonderful and true friend who was passionate and caring to old friends and new ones alike. Everyone liked Jerry because he was friendly and very open and accepting regardless of their ethnicity or background.

He leaves a wonderful partner, Helle Lauersen, many, many friends, and a legacy of many remarkable furniture and building creations.

Jerry will always be remembered for being a very, very special and unique man

Jerry is free now to forever walk in the coolness of the forest floor at the Shadow R Ranch, occasionally gaze up at the beautiful trees that line Richey creek, and follow the creek’s wondrous and mysterious course as it gently meanders thru the ranch that he truly loved.

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