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refel rushing pours his heart into music and community

Local rancher and philanthropist donates $500 to Waxahachie’s Sims Library

Daily Light report

Musician, lifelong philanthropist and Ellis County rancher Refel Rushing has been releasing new music over the last year as part of his song cycle, “Love over Time,” and with each song release comes a new contribution to his community. In conjunction with his most recently released song, “Secret Places,” Rushing has made a $500 donation to the Friends of Sims Library in Waxahachie.

The non-profit organization is working to rebuild the local library, as it recovers from major construction projects and

COVID-related closures over the last couple of years.

“I hope this contribution will help in this important reorganizational phase,” said Rushing. “It’s just my small way of giving back to the community in a variety of ways as I share new music.”

“Love over Time” features lyrics and vocals by Rushing and recounts the evolution of a love relationship. The entire song collection has been orchestrated and arranged by Jay Hinson

. “Secret Places” is the fourth song in the cycle, and “it relates to the time in a relationship when a person searching for love meets someone and experiences inner feelings of extreme excitement,

contentment, and fulfillment of feelings long hoped for – of a unique and special love,” said Rushing.

“Finally, all the longing to be joined by that special person has been realized. I think this is most people’s heartfelt desire and quest – to find someone to love and share time or a life with. When this is achieved, it results in an outpouring of feeling that cannot be constrained or remain silent. Hence, the heart says to that person ‘you‘ve touched in secret places, you’ve seen my many faces never see

n before, now I know you’re what I’ve been searching for.’ ”

Rushing’s songs are available for free download at Refel Rushing Music, and proceeds that are raised from donations or merchandise will be put right back into the community. Fans are encouraged to join Rushing’s community forum as members of the site and check out his social media channels to stay up to date with new releases and new contributions.

For more detailed information on Refel Rushing Music, its promotions, or media contact: Ed Mestyanek, manager, via email at or text 972-646-1830.

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