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"Somebody" is available for download

Contact: Refel Rushing, 214-762-1668

or manager Ed Mestyanek,, 972-646-1830

Another song, another act of kindness

With every song that Texas artist Refel Rushing releases in his “Love over Time” song cycle comes another charitable act. The latest song, “Somebody,” will be sweet music to some fortunate students at Southwest Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie. With a gift of $1000, Rushing plans to establish a Student Emergency Assistance Fund to assist students with unexpected expenses that prevent them from getting to school. These non-tuition-related emergencies might include the cost of fixing a flat tire or other car repairs, funeral travel expenses, laptop repair expenses, winter clothes or a host of other needs.

A lifelong philanthropist, Rushing has a long history of helping students in need, from establishing scholarships at his alma mater, Texas State University, to serving as chairman of the Greater Texas Foundation, a public charity dedicated to increasing postsecondary education access for all Texas students.

As for the song itself, Rushing says it is meant to speak to heartache, an expression of the longing for a person who might make the searcher feel whole and complete. “Pain in the heart is like no other pain, and it can be cured by giving up, letting go or continuing to search and take risks – risks like being vulnerable,” said Rushing.

“Love over Time” features lyrics and vocals by Rushing and recounts the evolution of a love relationship. “‘Somebody’ deals with a painful period in searching for a relationship, one where it seems all roads lead to false starts or failure,” said Rushing. “It may resonate with a person who has never truly been in love despite having been in many relationships or who has been in love but lost it and is now searching to recover that emotion.”

The entire song collection has been orchestrated and arranged by Jay Hinson. Hinson is an accomplished Atlanta-based musical director, composer, arranger, orchestrator, conductor, producer, and pianist.

Rushing’s songs are available for free download at Refel Rushing Music, and proceeds that are raised from donations or merchandise will be put right back into the community. Fans are encouraged to join Rushing’s community forum as members of the site and check out his social media channels to stay up to date with new releases and new contributions.








For more detailed information on Refel Rushing Music, its promotions, or media contact: Ed Mestyanek, manager, via email at or text 972-646-1830.

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