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Liquids of honesty

Liquids of Honesty

Written and read by Refel Rushing

Entering the outer reaches of reality I witnessed someone of my resemblance looking from the outside in, an invisible guest invited to explore long-sought manuscripts engraved by an immortal pen. Inner mirrored reflections amplified a silhouette stripped of protective guards and defenses, standing alone and free — and as the tabloid of the projected figure began to unfold, suddenly there was added to the senses the sense of me. For the first time that which had always been an imprisoned feeling to express identity due to fear was dissolved in liquids of honesty with no need of a mask — for the true of me was now clear. Natural and genuine feelings of total peace and tranquility flowed from every pore, leaving residues of self-awareness on which to cling — for the victory against the conscience had dipped the scales and evened the score. Ever so gently the light slowly seeped within the lids and the darkness began to trickle away much like a stream. How unfortunate — that open and honest feelings for most exist only in a state of sleep imagination commonly known as a dream. -Refel Rushing-


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