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Refel Rushing shines brightly in poetry, song and community spirit

“The Morning and the Sun” is the latest song release by local musician and lifelong philanthropist Refel Rushing. The piece is part of Rushing’s song cycle, “Love over Time,” and it – just like every song release before it – comes with a charitable act benefiting the community. In conjunction with “The Morning and the Sun,” Rushing has founded the Greater Ellis County Poetry Society and initially funded it with $500.

Poetry society members will be able to participate in local and national contests that feature cash prizes. Local members also will have the ability to use Refel Rushing's resources to promote their poetry. Most importantly, they will have the opportunity to meet monthly with fellow poetry enthusiasts to share poetry and their appreciation of poetry.

As part of the plan, the Greater Ellis County Poetry Society will be hosting "poetry days" out on Refel’s ranch. These events will consist of communing with nature and coming together to enjoy fellowship with each other and share poetry over a bonfire.

As for Rushing’s newest song, it poetically touches upon the moment when “the relationship pendulum swings forward, then stops at a point in time when two people find each other, and fall in love,” said Rushing. “With each new day their love, respect and admiration for each other grows and grows. Glorious and rapturous moments shower them during the morning, evening and night hours of each day.

“ ‘The Morning and the Sun’ lyrics symbolize a couple’s loving days and nights together in the same way that the morning longs to be awakened each day by a new morning sun. Each day that follows, the morning continues to love the morning sun for making the night fade into day. And each day the two fall in love over and over again until there is no morning and there is no sun.”

The song features lyrics and vocals by Rushing and orchestration by the multitalented director, composer, and pianist Jay Hinson. Rushing’s songs are available for free download at Refel Rushing Music, and proceeds that are raised from donations or merchandise will be put right back into the community. Fans are encouraged to join Rushing’s community forum as members of the site and check out his social media channels to stay up to date with new releases and new contributions.

Anyone interested in joining the Greater Ellis County Poetry Society should visit and pay the state membership fee of $25. Ellis County residents who join the Poetry Society of Texas will automatically be enlisted as members of the local society, which is a chapter of the statewide organization. The Greater Ellis County Poetry Society has as its mission to preserve and make available the long-lasting culture and rich history that surrounds poetry for residents of Ellis County.

For more detailed information on Refel Rushing Music, its promotions, or joining the poetry society contact: Ed Mestyanek, manager, via email at or text 972-646-1830.

Contact: Refel Rushing, 214-762-1668

or manager Ed Mestyanek,, 972-646-1830


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